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VideoVoyager for the iPhone


Video Voyager is the easy and fun way to capture your voyages with Video, Audio, Photos, and Text linked to a Map of your travels. Edit and view tracks using your iPad, Mac, PC, or iPhone, and share with friends in 10 different ways, including Facebook, Twitter, PDF, or email.  Works great for sight-seeing or any outdoor activity.

  • Create Video KMZ files, complete with photos, video and notes, which can be emailed to yourself or friends for off-phone sharing.

  • iPad/PC mode transforms your iPhone into a web server, letting you use other devices on your network for viewing video, photos, and maps and for easy editing of your tracks.

  • Easily upload grouped video to youtube.

  • Add text and audio¬†notes to any picture or video, while you take it or later.

  • Share photos, videos using CSV for Excel, GPX formats.

  • Works in the background in iOS4 so you can use your phone for calls, or use any other app.

  • Works with your iPhone in sleep mode to keep battery usage low.

  • Archives your tracks on your phone, stored in an easy-to-use and editable form.

  • Displays each track interactively, on a terrain, street or hybrid map.

Last Updated (Tuesday, 30 November 2010 17:34)